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Jobs & Career

Success stories begin and end with people. At our work, we follow our mission and act in respect of our values, which are customer-focus, innovative spirit, integrity, good business relations, amicable and creative work environment and personal responsibility. The target of our people policy is to create the conditions for professional, career and personal development of our employees.
Their technological sophistication makes the water turbines and hydro-mechanical equipment one of the most challenging tasks in mechanical engineering. We produce this equipment on the basis of our own know-how, research and experience gained and transferred from generation to generation.

This type of work requires a high level of knowledge, skills, ambition, innovativeness, efficiency and curiosity. We consistently improve the knowledge of our people by improving the educational structure (financing part-time study and hiring highly-qualified people), with in-house training programs, knowledge transfer and by creating opportunities to work on complex international projects. We encourage our people's personal, career and professional development with open and constant communication with employees at all levels, proper dissemination of information, ensuring proper work conditions, health and safety at work and also with investing in the quality of life of our employees.
We always act in respect of human rights and in compliance with the labor legislation, showing an ethic attitude towards all interest groups in the broad community. We are committed to respect the ethic standards also by Litostroj Power’s Code of Ethics. We stand behind the company’s internal agreement, which gives our people more rights and a higher remuneration than required by the law and above the average for our branch of industry, as well as other agreements adopted by the negotiations with the trade unions and the workers' council.

Maro World Traning Center

Our Training Center gives a unique opportunity in the region for young employees and students to gain practical work experience from the best and most skilled workers in the company. It comprises a training classroom, which is equipped with computers to learn CNC programming and a workshop, where workers receive valuable hands on experience with Milling, Lathe and Grinding machines.

Why work for Maro World Inc

We are passionate and uniting people who want to win. We offer collaborative working environment and good support and mentoring. With plenty of opportunities to learn new things and develop skills that are vital to your success, we expect our people to become the best professionals at their field.